Animal Communication is a telepathic and empathic communication with an animal. Human beings and animals have different languages as they don´t belong to the same species. Therefore the verbal communication is not possible. If you consider human communication, the feelings, pictures and thoughts get expressed with words. Animals don´t need this verbal language to communicate. They receive the pictures and thoughts telepathic and empathic at the moment the human thinks or feels it. The answer from the animal will be expressed telepatically in pictures, smells, feelings, sounds and many more which the animal communicator receives and verbalizes it for the pet owner.

Everybody can learn the telepathic language. You just need a little bit of patience and a lot of practice as we usually don´t work with our telepathic senses.

Animal communication is very valuable in different aspects:


  • Simple questions about food preferences or wishes
  • Searching for lost animals
  • Questions about the trigger for aggression or other problems
  • Huma – Animal – Mirroring


I just need a picture of your animal. Please send an actual one where you can just see this animal, no other human or animal. You can also send your questions. Sometimes it makes sense just to listen to what it has to tell.


Each animal has an energy system around its physical body which is called aura. All information about this animal can be found in this energy field. To find out about interaction if the animal is sick or if there are issues in behavior the information can be read out of the aura. Issues can have its origin in the past of the animal, the familysystem and/or the family of the pet parent. There are different things that can appear such as dogmas or energetic ensnarements.

Please send me a picture with just your animal – no other human or animal on it. In advance we will talk about the issue you would like to take a look at. We will review the reading later on the phone.