Eva Buhmann

Naturopath for animals (Tierheilpraktikerin) &
Animal Communicator

My name is Eva Buhmann. I am a Tierheilpraktikerin. For many years I have been learning about nutrition and various naturopathic methods, particulary homeopathy. I have qualifications in animal communication and sound therapy. My goal is to combine these abilities. Each animal is unique in its nature, character, life story and history of disease. Because of this I take the time to do the anamnesis and decide on an individual therapy pathway.

My passion is to pass on my knowledge and my experiences. As a pet parent I went through a lot of experiences before I was trained as a Tierheilpraktikerin and animal communicator. It was hard to get all the information I needed to get my dog Kira healed. On my way there were some setbacks because I did not know certain things. I had to find out step by step. My goal is to pass on my knowledge to pet parents in order that their animals are healty and therefore pet parents are happy and can relax and enjoy together with their animals. With my ability to communicate with animals I want to give animals the chance to express themselves.

I enjoy to find out about coherences. I always dig deeper to find out the true reasons for illness or other problems. Unusual and challenging cases encourage me. Out of my own need there was born a passion for my company –


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