Classic homeopathy was started by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. To produce homeopathic remedies materials like plants and minerals are used. Out of these original substances the homeopathic remedies are produced through potentiation. The principle to choose the remedy is called principle of similarity. The basis therefore is an anamnesis.


Spagyrik remedies are essences made out of plants. The process of production is done in three steps: fermentation, distillation and combustion. Spagyrik essences can be used for physical and emotional treatment.

Bach flowers

The German doctor Edward Bach developed a system of 38 flower-remedies and one socalled rescue-remedy. Each Bachflower represents a mental state.

Western phytotherapy

In western phytotherapy domestic plants and different parts of plants are used. In former times the knowledge and experience was passed on  – so called folk medicine. Nowadays the substances and effect of plants and different parts of plants are being researched.


In mykotherapy mushrooms are dried, pulverized and extracts are produced out of these mushrooms. Mushrooms are being researched or used according to traditional knowledge.